I am a mother and an advocate for Maternal, Newborn and Children Health.

My fascination for Maternal, Newborn and Children Health began when I lost my first baby to placenta abruption- a pregnancy complication characterised by high blood pressure. It was on June 14, 2013, just 2 weeks after the government of Kenya initiated a policy of free maternity services in all public facilities. It started with contractions which the doctor termed as ‘normal’ and culminated into bleeding. Within few hours, I had lost my baby and to save my dear life, I urgently needed an emergency surgery and blood transfusion.

All in all, God blessed my husband and I with a strong, healthy and loveable son called Jabali on 18th May 2015 at 6.55am!!! Simply put, Jabali is my piece of heaven.

Through this blog,  I will empower you my reader with stories and information related to maternal, newborn and children health so that you and I can together, can take a lead role in improving maternal and children health because many of Kenya’s pressing development challenges, including poverty, are linked to maternal health.

Currently, I am a Radio Producer at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), a state-owned media station with countrywide coverage that broadcasts in English, Swahili and most local languages in Kenya.

Sit back, enjoy the read, share and follow.

Call me Lourdes but you will massage my heart when you call me Mama Jabali (ah! ah! ah!)


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  1. Lilian Akoto says:

    Hii Lourdes l feel ur experience On January 10th l went through a very painful experience.Just like u after abt 2 miscarriages l got pregnant en had hope of finally getting my baby gal Amilia who to me had come from miles away My husband was very supportive en the pregnancy had been going well until on that day. l had been feeling discomfort but the doctor had tested me en said l had mild infection en given me antibiotics after visiting hospital on that day. l left en went to report at work before l leave for home en get rest. The worst happened en my water broke at work en l had to be rushed to hospital l was not worried since l was on the 27th week l knew l would still get my baby l was taken to a mission hospital Baby Amilia was a miracle baby coz I got the baby without help from nurses and without the doctor arriving 2 remove the mac stitch.The nurses were surprised en thought she was not alive but after putting her on oxygen my baby responded en cried l was so excited en overjoyed that finally l was a mum.My baby Amilia was born prematurely en had to be put in the incubator. My husband en l were excited en started the crazy schedule of feeding our baby at intervals while in the incubator. On the third day shortly after feeding the baby en leaving hospital we receive a call that we r needed back in hospital only to be told that my Amilia was no more l have never cried like l did . The pain has never gone away .Upon asking what happened the doctor only told us our baby developed complications. l blamed the hospital for negligence as that morning the doctor had abruptly reduced oxygen for my baby from 2.5 to 0.5.l have recovered since then but have memory en fear of another bad pregnancy experience.Believe me when l say l truelly understand what u went through. lt took time for my womb to heal en the milk to stop.l still trust in God for a safe pregnancy though lam scared.

    1. Lily sweety, pole dear. I read your reply and i shed a tear. Please lets meet and share this experiences and help other women out there. Rebuke the fear; remember fear is using your faith in the wrong direction. You will have a smooth and healthy pregnancy in Jesus’ name! You are free to join our support group.

  2. Kc says:

    Hi lourdes ,
    Am so sorry for ur loss, i was touched by your story which reminds me of mine, March 5th.2014 had delivered a still born baby of 34 weeks ? Reasons / urine 3+ and pressure was normal (Preclampsia , Meconic , Ambilical cord tied around baby neck ) doc checked thru scan and confirmed baby had died few minutes , that was march 5th,,March ,thanks God it was Normal delivery and was given injection to supress the milk production as well.

    Have been waiting for days to have this little angle but everything has a reason on got highblood pressure on my 1st pregnancy and was c-section 31 weeks fortunatley baby survived that was 2010 and still alive and healthy.

    I thank God for my life as everything has a reason , I mourn and am still in pain when i think of the day after delivery l held my dead baby in my hands for about half an hour and whenever I remember I pray for her and cry alot I miss her so much but I knoe God has good plans for me .Now am back to work and determined .I know God will bless me with another baby healthy pregnancy I wish the same for all women out there who do not have children and facing the same problems .Let all be courageous and strong only then will be able to motivate ourselves and have a healthy pregnancy.lets be optimistic.

    God Bless u all!

  3. nancy maina says:

    Hi! what a painful experience. I understand what u pple r talking about. I lost my baby girl last yr. left wit a c-sect wound and a weak nerve in my leg which ve become a permanet reminder of my loss

    1. So sorry Nancy…I can feel you kwanza that C-S wound permanently reminds me i am a mother to a son i never cuddled. Kindly like our page ‘Faraja Support Group’ or send me an email lourdeswalusala@yahoo.com so that we can share more. Sorry once again.

    2. Sorry Nancy. Are you willing to share your story? kindly send me an E-mail

  4. caroline says:

    hi Lourdes,am sorry 4what you went through, u are not alone i also went through such ordeal but not painful as your but all the same i know the pain of loosing unborn child.
    it was 2012 end of April i was three months pregnant at the time, i had headache and assumed it was normal since that day i walked a lot. on Monday i saw some blood stains and having little knowledge i also assumed, on Tuesday i went to see a gyna and was sent for scan to kenyatta hospital on Wednesday, the doctor doing the scan asked me if i was prepared for the baby and i told him yes.
    he gave me the result little did i know that my baby was already dead, no cardiac activities were detected. i took the result back to my gyna but he had already closed so i went back to my room was in my last year at campus. didn’t stay for long and the water broke, i walked to the clinic and before i could reach there the blood was oozing,i managed to reach there, and was put in ambulance with no nurse or doctor to attend to me only my two friends who accompanied me
    the nurses were so rude and the best they could was to insert their hands to check i don’t know what, they later decided to admit me, but on reaching the ward they decided to remove the remaining blood by sucking it, it was so painful but not more than the comment they were making….
    Lourdes it two years since then but am now pregnant in my last month and confused on what hospital to go for delivery because of the stories am hearing, have NHIF card if you any you can advice am currently in nairobi, let trust in God because he is the one who blesses us with kids

  5. phylise jebet says:

    hi lourde?i really understand cz even me went thru on 29th dec 2014…it was so painful no words can describe…i was ok bt sddnly bcme sick rushed to hospital n undrwnt cs n baby angela put in nursery bt afta 4dayz we lost her..now stil recovering n pray to God fr our ftre pregnancies..n that was the 2nd scar bt our dota is alive n well…God help all pregnant mums.

  6. Waoh!!! Go Lourdes, go!!

  7. Nicodemus says:

    Hello mama Jabali this is Nicodemus Makau a person living with physical disability. I am a mentor and founder of The Disabled Persons of Kenya. My disability happened when my dear mum failed to take me for immunization on time. I normally advocate for this issue when am running an event known as SAINDIA MTOTO MLEMAVU WITH SANITARY TOWELS AND PAMPERS.

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