It’s going to be a terrific two!!!

Thank you for your congratulatory message. No, we are not celebrating another newborn. We are celebrating Jabali’s triumphant entry into terrific two!!!!! Yes, Jabali is officially two years today. Welcome into our world.

Exactly two years ago, on a bright Monday at 6.55am, my eyes met Jabali’s and I was smitten!


I went for admission on Sunday, 17th May for a  CS  scheduled for Monday morning. I was 39 weeks pregnant. Immediately my crew that consisted of my hubby, my sister  plus her son and my sister in Love left, I started crying. I was so emotional. So many things crossed my mind. I remembered the last time I was in this same hospital where I returned home with a CS wound, leaking breasts but nothing to show. I refused to eat and kept calling my hubby with clear instructions no clear and stern demand to be at the theatre door by 5am. I still remember this day and laugh so hard because my pregnancy brain told me my son could be stolen or maybe something worse. I was too paranoid maybe because going into hospital heavily pregnant and coming out empty-handed isn’t funny.

I had been instructed not to eat after 8pm- I had refused the food anyway but when hunger came knocking at around 7.30pm, I remembered I would stay for so many hours before eating after the surgery. That provoked me to swallow my pride and recall my dinner. I pounced on the food and washed it down with apple juice before covering my head to sleep.

No, I didn’t sleep. I tossed and tossed and kept calling my hubby and my sister reminding them to be in hospital early- yes by 5am on the dot. It took the intervention of my mum to calm me down. Like Esther, I said I am going into that theatre boldly with my God and if I perish, let me perish.

‘Good morning Lourdes’, amka uoge Dr. Murage is an early person, he will be here in no time’. A friendly nurse told me.

I said a quick prayer and took my 80+kg self to the bathroom.

At 5.30am, I was wheeled to the theatre. It was my official date with destiny. I was nerves but hopeful. I prayed for everything including the needles and the gloves and everything that will come into contact with me and my son including the sheets lool.

‘My name is Dr. Chirchir, I am your Aesthetician’
‘I am Dr. Maina, I am a pediatrician and I am here to receive the baby’
‘And of course I am Dr. Murage and you know why I am here’ (hahahaha)
‘I am…..

The introductions continued. I must say I had a super friendly team.

Fast forward, theatre rituals continued as we chatted here and there. I felt some pressure coming from my tummy just as Dr. Chirchir had told me and at exactly 6.55am, I heard the cry of my Jabali, he was immediately placed on my chest and I was asked to confirm his sex.

young jabali

It is a boy…oooh my son! Please place him again on my chest! Thank you Jesus’ I shouted as all the personnel present congratulated me.

It has been 730 days, 14 hours 2 minutes 17 seconds since you came into our lives Jabali. You have brought nothing but love and laughter.

You just make us so happy Kababa. I have quite a number of my favourite phrases but I love the following more:

Mum unado?
Mum, good boy!!!!
I love you!!!!
Tuonane jioni!!!
Thank You welcome too!!!!
Daddy ya Jabali ameenda jobo!!!!


This is to say, in the last twelve months since your 1st birthday, your experience and age has doubled… and so has your intelligence and cuteness.

You know what babzie, I don’t mind if you lose your baby fat and chubby cheeks, but please don’t ever lose your innocence, your love and respect for others.

This is my sincere prayer to you:

  • May you receive enormous favour before God and man
  • May everything you touch turn into gold
  • Where others experience shame, you will experience honour and glory
  • Where others are rejected, you will be accepted
  • Where others fail, you will succeed
  • Where others experience delay, you will advance
  • You will reach your destiny Jabali and I know Daddy and I will be there to witness it and give you a pat on the back.

Whether you turn two or twenty-two, all you need to remember is that Daddy and I Love You and so are your grand parents, aunties, uncles, nieces and nephews, neighbours and everyone you have ever came across. No doubt you are a magnet and gem son.


You will definitely cut your cake and receive more hugs and kisses and a gift. Happy 2nd birthday Jabali, Jabjab, Jababa, Kababa, Kababzie, Kampenzi ka mum!


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  1. Happy Birthday Kababa,Baby Jabali…Hondsome prince….Blessings Baby Boy.

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