Please come let’s stand with Wayne…


One Monday, as Wayne was riding a bike with his best friend, he fell and sustained serious head injuries which resulted in a surgery at Nairobi hospital.

He has been at Nairobi Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for 3 weeks but recently transferred to High Dependancy Unit (HDU) after showing great signs of improvement.

It’s been a long, hard, painful ride, especially for his parents Nana and Tony. The bill so far is so huge and this is where you and I come in together with our intercessions.

Kindly find it in your hearts to give something for Master Wayne. It can be 10/=, 100/= 1000/= 10000/=, it can be anything but the beauty is, it will go a long way towards his hospital bill.

They say when you hold a child’s hand you touch a mother’s heart…thank you as you stand with Lil Wayne.


‘Why I named my daughter Takisha Matanah’, Bonnie Musambi reveals

There’s no right or wrong way to pick a name for your baby. The most important consideration is to choose the one you love.For that reason, you can choose to name your child Osumbuko, Athola, Mwashetani or Kanyambi, but remember, the name given to a child goes beyond being a mere name because it will be a defining piece of his or her identity for a lifetime.

To a majority of parents that I have talked to, the name they give to their little ones signifies many other things and it is believed that a person becomes what he is called. That is, his or her destiny is determined by the name (this needs more discussion though). To other parents, the name is just that- a name with no particular meaning or destiny tied to it but just to ensure the child is not referred to as ‘weee or wewe’ (wahala!!!)



Bonnie Musambi is the host of Zinga la Asubuhi show on KBC Radio Taifa. He is not just a presenter but the most celebrated breakfast show host. Exactly 2 months ago, Bonnie Musambi and his wife Betty welcome their 2nd born daughter Takisha Matanah.

I fell in love with the name Takisha…it is to me, so sweet to the mouth and ear so, I was curious to know the reason behind that beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. Bonnie Musambi was not mean, he told me in black and white the genesis of the name Takisha Matanah. Please read on…

Takisha is an English- Arabic name which means ‘Healthy and alive.’

When my Betty got pregnant with the angel she didn’t know it until 2 months later. So when nausea and such began to manifest, she confused it for stomach ulcers and went ahead to purchase some ‘heavy’ tabs over the counter, which she swallowed for a whole week with no improvement putting the life of the fetus at risk. She could have gone for more tabs had I not intervened and politely suggested a pregnancy test. Betty not only loves me but she considered my suggestions. She bought a home pregnancy test kit and as clear as the moon, the two dark lines where visible- we were expectant again!


Fast forward, the pregnancy progressed well until 8 months when a scan revealed that the baby was only 1.3kg. That for sure is an underweight baby and with only a month to delivery, Betty was scared and frustrated- so was I.

‘Supu ya mifupa na ndizi’ I found myself thinking about this upon receiving the not so good news. From that day on, bone soup and bananas were the order of the day in my house until the last scan was done days before delivery from which to our surprise and relief, the baby weighed 2.7kgs. Yes! She doubled her weight in only one month and we were now ready and happy to ‘download the new app’ to our family.

Finally on 16th July 2016 at 1.05pm baby Takisha was born through caesarean section at The Nairobi hospital thanks to God who worked through Dr. Kigen Bartilol and believe it or not she weighed 3.3kgs!


When she was born, I and her elder sister Lovelyn had a common cold and cough – that’s normal in the cold month of July. Nevertheless, the newborn was not infected at all never mind a newborn’s low immunity.

Looking at the health risks that the baby endured both in the womb and at birth, it was only appropriate for me to prophesy health and life for her hence the name Takisha.

Oh and this will surprise you more! Betty and I had hoped for a son to ‘balance the equation’ since we already have a daughter but God saw it fit to give us another daughter. Therefore, Takisha was also named Matanah a Hebrew name meaning ‘God’s gift’ for God gave us what we needed and not what we wanted.


My advice: choose prophetic names for our children for names serve a huge purpose in their lives.

Thank you Bonnie Musambi aka Kijana Mtall for sharing Takisha’s story. Just like her name, may she grow healthy and live long to reach her destiny.

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Enjoy your weekend!

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