7 Golden Truths about Breast Milk


Frozen breast Milk- an intelligent idea!


The term ‘liquid gold’ is very common to breastfeeding mums. I guess most mums especially those active on social media have used that term at some point…I used it a lot when Jabali was younger and when I was so determined to exclusively breastfeed him. I jealously guarded my liquid gold that I didn’t want even a drop to go to waste. Blackouts literary gave me malaria especially thinking that my liquid gold will thwart and therefore rubbish all my pumping effort. There was, this time, I had said should the blackout go for more than five hours, I would carry Jabali and go cry at the KPLC’s boss office- those were postpartum hormones talking hahaha!

So in my reading escapades yesterday, I came across a blog post by World Vision and that term was used. Nostalgia is an understatement- I guess I am already missing breastfeeding a newborn- anyway, let Jabali have his field day until 24 months then I will see how it goes (Wahala!!).

Back to the blog post by World Vision, the headline was the same as that on this post ‘7 Golden Truths about Breast Milk’ and the information therein was simple yet mind blowing. I have copy pasted the post as it was please have a read:

World Breastfeeding Week is August 1-7, 2016. It’s designed by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA), a global network of individuals and organisations concerned with the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding worldwide. 

As global citizens, we want to applaud mums who breastfeed. They are paving a way for healthy futures.

Did you know breast milk is considered liquid gold for babies? Exclusive breastfeeding provides all the water, nutrition and immunology a baby needs. Not only is breastfeeding good for the baby, but it’s good for mum too! In honour of Breastfeeding week, ready learn more about breastfeeding? Here are 7 Golden Truths about Breast Milk:

  1. Breast milk is free and universally available, even in very resource-constrained settings.
  2. Milk changes its nutritional profile as baby grows (milk made for a 3-month-old is different than for a 9-month-old).  Milk can even change day to day—for example, water content may increase during times of hot weather and baby-sickness to provide extra hydration.
  3. Breast milk contains endorphins which soothe and calm babies during times of stress.
  4. Breastfed children have at least six times greater chance of survival in the early months than non-breastfed children.
  5. Breast milk is filled with disease fighting bacteria that keep baby’s digestive systems functioning properly.
  6. It is safer, easier and less expensive to give the mother more food than to expose the baby to risks associated with breast milk substitutes.
  7. In the long term, breastfeeding reduces type 2 diabetes and cancers like breast, uterine and ovarian for the mother.

Mind blowing, right? It’s no wonder why this Liquid Goal is crucial for a child’s nutritional development in the first 1,000 Days of life and is key in making a #HungerFree world possible.


I hope you enjoyed these golden truths as much as I did.





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