It is World Breastfeeding Week!

This is my favourite week! I am so excited! Not because it is payday and therefore my purchasing muscles have been empowered; well am excited about that too but what excites me more is because it is World Breastfeeding Week. As a maternal, newborn and children health advocate, I will have an opportunity of speaking and writing in depth and breadth matters breastfeeding and thus increase awareness of breastfeeding and its related benefits to the baby, the mother and the country in general.


Lil Jabali enjoying his feed


I naturally love breastfeeding especially when my Jabali looks straight into my eyes partially smiling as he suckles. Jabali is 15 months and loves ‘nyonyo’ so much and acknowledges it is his right to breastfeed. I love this boy because immediately I enter the house, he will run to me, give me a tight hug and say ‘mama, titi’ aaaaaw! He cries when I delay him because as a rule, I must wash my hands and my breasts before we get into that serious business. For the records, I intend to continue breastfeeding him until he is 24 months so, 9 more months to go!
The experience of breastfeeding is special for a woman for so many reasons for example:

  • The joyful closeness and bonding with your baby
  • The specific and special nutrition only you can provide for your baby
  • The cost savings since it is FREE
  • You miss less work because breastfed babies are sick fewer timesLOGO

This year’s World Breastfeeding Week will run from 1st through to 7th August with the theme Breastfeeding: A key to Sustainable Development. This theme is about how breastfeeding is a key element in getting us to think about how to value our wellbeing from the start of life, how to respect each other and care for the world we share.

This year, the focus is on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that Governments around the world have agreed to achieve by 2030.The SDGs aspire to tackle the root causes of poverty and offer a vision of development that works for all people, everywhere.
Objectives of World Breastfeeding Week 2016

  • To inform people about the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they relate to breastfeeding and Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF)
  • To firmly anchor breastfeeding as a key component of sustainable development
  • To galvanise a variety of actions at all levels on breastfeeding and IYCF in the new era of the SDGs
  • To engage and collaborate with a wider range of actors around promotion, protection and support of breastfeeding

Tomorrow, I will share with you individual links between each of SDG with Breastfeeding. Ensure you Click, read, share and follow this blog for more insights on matters breastfeeding and maternal health in general.
Remember, breastfeeding is not only the cornerstone of a child’s healthy development; it is also the foundation of a country’s development…Support it!!!!


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