Unsafe abortion equals to maternal death

abortion 2

Do you want to procure an abortion for any reason? Then kindly do it the safe way. I can see the shock or probably the anger written all over your eyes! I understand because abortion is a topic that should be given a complete blackout especially from a Christian like me.

So, before you throw rotten eggs at me, let me state clearly that I am Pro life and I believe that life starts at conception. Secondly, let me give you some serious statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO): an estimated 22 million abortions continue to be performed unsafely each year, resulting in the death of an estimated 47, 000 women and disabilities for an additional 5 million women. These statistics are not child play but they are shocking truths.

The sad reality is that nearly all unsafe abortions i.e. 98 percent occur in developing countries! In nearly all developed countries, safe abortions are legally available upon request or under broad social and economic grounds, and services are generally easily accessible and available.


According to WHO, unsafe abortion is a procedure for terminating an unintended pregnancy, carried out either by persons lacking necessary skills or in an environment that does not conform to minimal medical standards or both.

Article 26(4) of the Kenyan constitution explicitly permits abortion when “in the opinion of a trained health professional, there is need for emergency treatment, or the life or health of the mother is in danger or if permitted by any other written law”.

Although the constitution permits abortion to protect the life or health of a mother, women in Kenya continue to turn to unsafe procedures by unskilled practitioners due to lack of awareness of the law, stigmas against abortion, and fear of prosecution by the police.

Unsafe abortion has health consequences. These consequences depend on the facilities where abortion is performed; the skills of the abortion provider; the method of abortion used; the health of the woman and the gestational age of her pregnancy. The common consequence is rupturing of the uterus, killing the woman not to mention complications such as hemorrhage, sepsis, peritonitis and trauma to the cervix, vagina, uterus and abdominal organs.

Almost every one of deaths and disabilities due to unsafe abortions can be prevented through sexuality education, family planning and provision of safe, legal induced abortion and care for complications of abortion.

Unsafe abortion is one of the four main causes of maternal mortality and morbidity. It accounts for 13 percent of maternal deaths and 20 percent of the total mortality and disability burden due to pregnancy and childbirth, all of which can be prevented by ensuring that the abortion is performed by skilled providers using correct medical techniques and drugs, and under hygienic conditions.


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  1. aaron says:

    i like your articles they are scientific but easy to follow even by a layman. You also seek of pressing and even some topics which are viewed as ‘taboo’.

  2. Thanks Aaron. The topic is a taboo for sure but the statistics show that people procure it unsafely leading to deaths all this can change if they are well informed.

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