Studying while pregnant

It is official, this mama is done with school at least for the time being. Now I focus on developing other aspects of my life as i explore avenues to pursue further education.

I technically completed my undergrads in February but I had pending 3rd year semester 2 exams which I deferred after my unfortunate incidence of losing my little Sunshine. The exams were not bad if I must say. My Sunshine must have influenced the lecturers to set the exams in my favour. I impressed myself and I hope I will impress the individual lecturers too.

Being a mature age student has its advantages and it has its own shares of challenges as well like getting pregnant; sometimes by accident, sometimes by plan but either way, you have to add that into the mix of study, life, job and so on!


I sat the exams with  a number of pregnant mamas-cum-students. In fact, one of the students was only 2 days to her due date by the time we were in our 3rd last exams but she completed the exams without any hitches anyway. I remember her complaining of some backache and saying she could be in labour, just before we commenced the Entrepreneurship skills exam. I admired her bravery, she was so determined to do the paper and even joked that an ambulance was on standby just in case the baby came amid exams.

I can’t lie, studying while pregnant is the hardest leave alone working because if your employer is as considerate as mine, you qualify for some bed rests and sick offs once in a while. You can even have flex time. Ehe! But for studies, mama you just have to do you assignments or risk the devil of missing marks that is making many students not to graduate in Kenyan universities. You need to attend classes too because a lecturer can easily evict you from his/ her class during exams if you never attended a considerable number of classes remember there are also some 5 free marks for attendance which can save you from getting that supplementary.

You may have heard about little bouts of forgetfulness during pregnancy called momnesia or sometimes “pregnancy brain.” That becomes a problem too! Though Pregnancy does not change a woman’s brain, some women don’t feel as sharp as usual when they’re pregnant. During my pregnancy, it was quite different because I felt so sharp in fact; I got straight As in my 3rd year semester 1 exams. My trick was to involve my sunshine in my study so anytime I forget whatever I had learned the previous night before exams, I simply ‘consulted’ him- I rubbed my bump and whispered ‘baby, what did we read on this?’ and believe you me, I remembered!!

Pregnancy experiences are never the same, but you can still study and be the best you can. I believe women have been given an uncommon grace of endurance. Just take it easy, have friends-cum-classmates who can understand and support you such that if you are unable to attend classes, they will update you and photocopy the notes for you.

And if the heat is so much in the kitchen, just defer your studies or exams my dear especially if the whole studies thing is stressing you up. Facts on file indicate that stress in the womb can affect a baby’s temperament and behavioral development. Besides, Infants whose mothers experienced high levels of stress while pregnant, particularly in the first trimester, show signs of more depression and irritability. They also are slower to “habituate” or tune out repeated stimuli — a skill that, in infants, is an important predictor of IQ.

So, drop it like its hot if it is stressing you up after all, studies and/ or exams is never a matter of life and death!!!


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