On a lighter note…

When you are a first timer in pregnancy, you receive so many advises from all quarters; left, right and center and surprisingly, from even the people who have never been pregnant in their life on earth! This pregnancy dos and don’t increase anxiety if not clog your mind and imagination.

avocadoI remember during my pregnancy journey, I was warned against eating pineapples (the way I loved them when over ripe) reason? It will open my cervix lol! Another advice I received was not eating eggs and avocado for the simple reason that they will increase my chances of CS as the baby will be too huge thus making natural  delivery almost impossible – this is one advice I religiously followed since I wanted to ‘push’ my baby.

Hair styling advice also came in handy from both hair stylists and non stylists alike. I was warned against relaxing my hair or sitting under a hair dyer since the heat could ‘dry’ me to death! He he then came to styling my hair when about to go to labour! I was warned against braiding my hair because the  pain experienced during labour could make me pull my braids one by one the best hair style therefore for laboring and birthing was push back cornrows!


The moral of this is, since you do not know what to expect and what to do, your gynecologist should become your best friend. Ask him/ her as many questions as possible no matter how silly they sound and of course ask your mum- remember she gave birth to you and your siblings so she knows better…one more advice, since all pregnancies are different and there is no master-key to all pregnancy experiences, trust your instincts and your feelings!



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