Has your child received polio vaccine?

Today, 9th April is the last day of Polio campaign in 25 high-risk counties in Kenya. The 280 million campaign carried by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF) started on Saturday, 5th April targeting 5.4 million under five children. By now, you must have seen men and women in yellow visiting house to house in your neighbourhood administering this important vaccine.

Every child deserves the chance for a healthy life. Though the provision of vaccines, they can be assured a better future so, kindly get your child, your niece or nephew, your friend’s or your neighbour’s child vaccinated against polio.

A child receives a polio drop
A child receives a polio drop

Polio is an infectious disease that has no cure. It invades the nervous system and can cause irreversible paralysis and even death. It is highly infectious, and can have debilitating impacts. While it can strike anyone, at any age, the disease mainly affects children under five years old.

Polio is still a big threat in Kenya due to the country’s porous borders due to uncontrolled movement from neighbouring states. Other nations under serious threat in the Horn of Africa include Ethiopia, Somalia, Southern Sudan and Uganda.

Targeted areas include all counties at the coast, except Taveta, the entire North Eastern region, Isiolo and Marsabit from Eastern, Western and Luo Nyanza counties. If for any reason, your child did not get Polio vaccination during the campaign in 25 high-risk counties, go to your nearest health facility to receive these free services.

Together lets end polio in Kenya!


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  1. Boniface K. says:

    Great Lourdes

    1. Thank Boniface. Hope you baby under 5 has received the vaccine.

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